Chapter Committees

Our committees are dedicated to the ongoing education and betterment of the chapter. We believe that by working together, we can provide better resources like training from subject matter experts, staying informed in changes to legislation, building relationships with industry stakeholders and providing scholarships opportunities.

Picnic Committee
Chair- Melvin Corredor
Joseph Crisafulle

Scholarship Committee
Chair- Tom Hogarth
Debbie Nutter
Peter Ringle
Mike Shubert

Nominations Committee
Chair- Debbie Nutter

Golf Tournament Committee
Chair- Marcella Foster
Durrani Guy
Joseph Anderson

Education Committee
Chair- Debbie Nutter
Paul Malanaphy

Legislation Committee
Chair- Debbie Nutter

Liason Committee
Chair- Debbie Nutter

Bylaws Committee
Chair- Paul Malanaphy